Pear Shaped by Lauren Hill at the Byron Bay Surf Festival

Fed up with mainstream portrayals of women’s surfing culture, writer, surfer and activist Lauren L. Hill decided to make her own film about the not so elegant side of being a woman who surfs, titled Pear Shaped.

Focusing on the mishaps and real happenings of being a women who Surfs, Lauren’s short film promises to be a comedy and I can’t wait to see it!

In the words of the filmmaker, Pear Shaped is a short glimpse into the little absurdities from the everyday realities of being a woman in the water: from rogue tampon strings to the ever looming wardrobe malfunction. It’s an antidote to the hyper-sexualised, out-of-touch representation of our side of surfing, and a tip of the cap to those who shrug off the unique, and sometimes humiliating challenges, and choose to ride and slide anyway.

Pear Shaped will premier at this years Byron Bay Surf Festival on February 25th, 2017. Tickets via the BBSF, click here for link.

So excited to see this film, laugh and hear about Lauren’s thoughts after the screening this Saturday! Go Lauren!!


*photo from the BBSF via Lauren Hill


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